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Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington ... Bugs? BUGS?!
Jack Skellington This is terrible... Catastrophic! Being scary is one thing... but those nasty little creepy-crawlies could actually HURT people!
Jack Skellington I won't stand for it...! As Pumpkin King, it's my duty to make sure those irascible arachnids don't spoil everyone's Halloween!
Jack Skellington There's got to be SOMETHING in my home library about getting rid of pests...

Call the Exterminator[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Jack Skellington
Level 5
Send Jack back to his house to do research.[1]
"Think about Bugs"
4h Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50
  1. Requires Jack's House
Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington A pox...? No... too contagious. Bug-eating bats...? No... then we'd just have too many bats.
Jack Skellington This is no good at all... I have more books about SUMMONING bugs than I do about getting rid of them!
Jack Skellington I have nothing against bugs, as a rule... they can be very good company. But these ones are just MEAN!