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Character Dialogue
Ralph Spamley! Bad news: There's a LOT more of those bugs than we thought, and--
Spamley Phew! I didn't want to be the first guy to say it, but... yeah. This is... uh... WAY more than my usual antivirus guy can handle.
Ralph What're we gonna do, then? I barely know how those things work in the first place.
Spamley Whoa... Wait, wait, wait... hold that thought, pal. I think I might know a way we can find out...


Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build "Internet.conn."[1] 8h Experience5, Hearts50
  1. Requires Ralph Level 3
Character Dialogue
Spamley And... voilà! Feast your eyes on THAT, buster!
Ralph Whoa... Uh... what IS it, though?
Spamley Oh, buddy... Dontcha recognize an active Internet connection when you see one? All online games have 'em!
Spamley It's like a gateway, see... This one was how me and the other pop-ups got in! But if you just take a quick trip through there...
Ralph ... Yeah! Then, we can get to the REAL Internet and find someone who knows how to stop a bunch of viruses!
Ralph Or... uh... That's my best guess, anyway? Still don't know how most of this works.