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Character Dialogue
White Rabbit Oh dear... Oh dear... The Queen! The Queen!!! Someone has beaten the Queen at croquet!
White Rabbit Ohh my fur and whiskers... She'll lose her temper -- she'll have my head as soon as look at me!
White Rabbit I'm late -- late to be anywhere but here!!!

Bye-Bye, Bunny[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
White Rabbit
Level 1
Send the White Rabbit to get away.
"Get Away"
4h Experience10, Vinyl Records75
Character Dialogue
White Rabbit Somebody -- call somebody to save me! The Dodo! A lazzerd with a lizard -- I mean, a-- ANYBODY! The Queen will have my head!!!
Queen of Hearts Really... And precisely WHAT will Her Royal Majesty the Queen of Hearts have your head FOR?
White Rabbit W-why, for allowing Alice to beat her at croquet, of c--
White Rabbit ... I MEAN, f-f-f... *AHEM.* F-for complimenting her on how... er... how very... REGAL she's looking... today...?
Queen of Hearts REGAL, you say?! Very good! I do SO love being complimented -- especially when I don't remember it happening!
White Rabbit J-j-j-just so, my Queen! Now, i-if you'll excuse me, I'm very, VERY late for... ah... for being elsewhere!