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Character Dialogue
Kristoff Planning a supply run before we go find Elsa? Good idea. I'll head in there and pick out the gear we'll need.
Anna Wait -- YOU'RE going in there? To Oaken's? The same Oaken who... um. That Oaken?
Kristoff YES, that Oa-- Look. I know I've had... issues with him before, but this time will be different. I just need to be direct.
Anna Okay... direct is good. You go in there and be direct! And polite. Don't forget polite!

Buyer Beware[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Kristoff to get supplies at Oaken's.[1]
"Get Supplies"
4h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Character Dialogue
Anna So...? How did the whole "direct" thing go?
Kristoff What? Oh. Um. ... Fine?
Anna Because you don't have any supplies. And you're covered in snow. Wait, you didn't call him a crook again, did you?
Kristoff No! But the word "swindler" may have been said. Hey! Don't look at me like that. His prices are ridiculous!
Kristoff I mean, this is an emergency. He should be giving that stuff away!