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Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter How can I have forgotten the butter?! It... it was the BEST butter!
March Hare Don't fret, good chum, don't fret! We have plenty of everything else! And what's more, we don't have ANY nothing at all!
March Hare Why... we have tea! Mustard! Sugar! Jam! Mustard! Eggs! Hats! Mustard! Flour! M--
Mad Hatter ... FLOWER!!! That's right -- we'll ask the FLOWERS if they have any butter! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Butter Cups?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
March Hare
Level 1
Send the Hare and Hatter to the Golden Afternoon.[1]
"See the Flowers Together"
60m Experience5, Queen Coins50
Mad Hatter
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter Why, the NERVE of those daisies!
March Hare Ahh... or to put it another way, the daze of those nervesies!
Mad Hatter Exactly! To SUGGEST that we had forgotten something, when we were ONLY asking them if they had any butter! It's... it's...!!!
Mad Hatter ... Oh. Well, it's exactly right, is what it is!
March Hare I suppose that's true! why, I've nearly forgotten about the butter already!