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The Busy Characters feature was introduced to the game with the Peter Pan Update on 24th January 2018.


Find the characters actively completing quests or performing activities with the new Busy Character Finder. To access it, just tap the icon located to the right of the Character Finder!

The Busy Character Finder Screen gives you an overview of all characters performing activities. It also allows you to locate busy characters, skip individual on-going activities, or skip all on-going activities at once!

Find Your Busy Characters Easily

  • In this screen, you can find all of your busy characters. Tap on their character portrait to be taken to their location in the Kingdom.

Skip Individual or All Activities

  • You can skip each activity individually by tapping their corresponding skip icon, or you can skip all activities by tapping on the Skip All icon.

Collect Your Rewards!

  • Return to the kingdom and collect your rewards by tapping the checkmarks above characters who have completed their activities.

Skip Confirmations Can Be Turned Off

  • The toggle feature found in the upper-left corner allows you to turn off the confirmation pop-up that appears when you tap the individual skip icons. This doesn't include the Skip All icon.

(Introduced with Raya and the Last Dragon Event Update on 9th March 2021 and unlocked after Discovery 6)
Wait times can now be reduced simply by watching advertisements!

  • Skippable timers will be available for repeatable activities that are four (4) hours in length or longer. When a timer is skippable, an ad icon will appear next to the Gems (Gems) button when you click on the "Skip" button for each character's activity. Also, with every ad you watch, you'll have the opportunity to skip up to 30 minutes!

(Introduced with The Rescuers Part 2 Update on 12th July 2022 and unlocked after Discovery 6)
Wait times can now be reduced simply by using Time Skip Tokens!

  • Time Skip Tokens are collectible item that can be used to shorten various in-game timers (except Visiting Home and Magic Pedestals). Using a Time Skip Token will reduce a timer by ten (10) minutes. Multiple Tokens can be used on one timer to further reduce the timer.

(Introduced with Mulan Part 4 Update on 6th February 2024)
Activity Icons

  • All activities that can be collected from using the Gathering Spell are assigned a different color check mark to distinguish them from other activities:
    • Green check mark: Quests that are only collected manually
    • Blue check mark: Buildings and activities that are collected through the Gathering Spell
  • If a character is inside a building, the quest completion icon takes priority over the magic icon on a building as follows:
    • A blue check mark on a building indicates that there is a Character Activity in the building that can be collected by the Gathering Spell
    • A green check mark on a building indicates that there is a Character Activity in the building that cannot be collected by the Gathering Spell


  • A “Busy” icon was added overtop the “GO” button of any activity when the activity cannot be performed due to a character not being available (due to being busy, levelling up, or challenging the tower) or if the required building for the action is being enchanted with Robin Hood Event Update on 8th March 2022.