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Character Dialogue
Fire Spirit *squeak!!!*
Anna Okay, sure, I've tussled with snow creatures, but I'm not sure I'm all right with fire scampering around like a puppy...
Anna Please, don't get too close to me while you're on fire like that! Seriously -- I'm flammable!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Fire Spirit
Level 3
Send the Fire Spirit into the woods.[1]
6h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires Enchanted Forest
  2. The rewards were Experience10, Arendelle Shields75 during Into the Mist Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Fire Spirit Skrak!
Anna Hey, I'm sorry; I wasn't trying to chase you away or anything. I guess I was just getting a little heated!
Anna Still, it looks like your time in the forest cooled you down. What say we celebrate... together!
Fire Spirit *squeak!*