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Character Dialogue
The Mayor (Hm hm hmhmhm, yah tah tatatah...) Oh, I just LOVE going over a fresh batch of Halloween plans!
The Mayor Jack dropped off this latest set of blueprints at the town hall last night, you see...
The Mayor We've got an appointment to review them later, but I just can't resist sneaking a peak! They ARE official records, after all...

Burden of Office[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
The Mayor
Level 1
Send the Mayor to review the Halloween plans.
"Review Halloween Plans"
2h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
The Mayor Oh... OHHHH!!! How terrible... how absolutely TERRIBLE! And not the GOOD kind of terrible, either!
The Mayor To think that our Jack... our pride, our joy, our never-ending font of inspiration... could possibly be considering such an idea...!
The Mayor I should find Jack right away and straighten all this out. It MUST be some sort of misunderstanding!