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Broomstick Graveyard is an attraction released with Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016.


Broomstick Graveyard is based on the iconic spiral hill in the 1993 stop motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The hill is located within Halloween Town's graveyard, and provides passage past the pumpkin patch to the Hinterlands. It is apparently an atmospheric place to contemplate, as both Jack Skellington and Sally are drawn to this location when they need time alone to think.



Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards (Every 4h)
Building Open Nightmare Before Christmas Chests for a chance to get Broomstick Graveyard!
Instant Pumpkin King Head Token
Pumpkin King Head Token
Level 1 Common Blueprint Token20 Nightmare Before Christmas Relic Token10 Pumpkin King Head Token10 Magic2,000 2h +Zero's Tombstone Token
Zero's Tombstone Token
Level 2 Uncommon Blueprint Token15 Nightmare Before Christmas Relic Token20 Pumpkin King Head Token20 Magic5,000 4h +Jar of Deadly Nightshade Token
Jar of Deadly Nightshade Token
Level 3 Rare Blueprint Token10 Nightmare Before Christmas Relic Token40 Pumpkin King Head Token30 Magic15,000 8h +Oogie Boogie Ears Hat Token
Oogie Boogie Ears Hat Token
Level 4 Epic Blueprint Token7 Nightmare Before Christmas Relic Token80 Pumpkin King Head Token40 Magic50,000 12h +Mayor Ears Hat Token
Mayor Ears Hat Token
Level 5 Legendary Blueprint Token5 Nightmare Before Christmas Relic Token150 Pumpkin King Head Token50 Magic150,000 24h Two Drop Chances Token
Two Drop Chances Token

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 8
A Moonlight Walk
* Broomstick Graveyard
6h Experience16, Magic155 Jack's Bowtie Token Jack Skellington Ears Hat Token Lock Ears Hat Token
Oogie Boogie
Level 8
Explore the Grave
* Broomstick Graveyard
6h Experience16, Magic155 Lock Mask Token Matchsticks Token
Jack Skellington
Level 7
Activity with Visual Animation Serenade the Moon
* Broomstick Graveyard
8h Experience20, Magic200 Mayor's Badge Token Barrel Ears Hat Token
The Mayor
Level 6
Enjoy a Graveyard Walk
* Broomstick Graveyard
8h Experience20, Magic200 The Ringmaster Whip Token Mayor's Badge Token Lock Ears Hat Token

This Is Halloween Event 2016
Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards (Every 12h)
Building Wooden Pumpkins 20,000
Wooden Pumpkins
12h Wooden Pumpkins105