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Character Dialogue
Baloo Ever since I been here, I could SWEAR I hear music -- just about everywhere I go! Almost as much as in the jungle...
Baloo ... And believe me, the jungle's one hoppin' place!
Baloo Now, where IS that beat comin' from... ?

Bring That Beat Back![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Baloo to groove to the music.
"Groove to the Music"
60m Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Baloo Ha HAAAA! Man, the animals here sure know how to throw one SWINGIN' party! Almost as good as the ones at King Louie's place!
Baloo Though... uh... considerin' somebody accidentally knocked over Louie's place a while back, I guess it ain't much of a contest.
Baloo You... uh... wouldn't know where a guy could find a new set of ancient ruins, do ya?