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Character Dialogue
Goofy I was talkin' with my old pal Pete the other day -- do you know he asked me why I play the tuba?
Goofy Well, more like "Why d'ya always gotta play the tuba right outside my RV, ya big galoot..."
Goofy ... But anyway! I play tuba 'cause there's so much good music for it! Oompah... polka... really, really low jazz...
Goofy Aw, why am I TELLIN' ya this when I could be PLAYIN' it for ya! We ARE tryin' to make the Kingdom more musical, after all!

Bring That Bass[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Goofy to practice his tuba.
"Practice New Music"
8h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
Character Dialogue
Goofy Sounds great, don't it? And hey -- Pete said he's finally heard enough to get why the tuba's such a great instrument!
Goofy Well, more like "I've heard enough, ya lummox!"
Goofy ... But deep down, I know he meant well!