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Character Dialogue
Dory Marlin! Hey -- Marlin! Are you in there? The yellow whale didn't squish you by accident, did she?
Marlin Dory! Is that-- WHAT yellow whale? Actually -- never mind, just... Those rocks, they're loose now -- so get me out of here!
Dory What?! Okay, I can't hear you at ALL, but you can say whatever it is after I move those loose rocks and get you out of there!
Dory Uh... I mean, me and Nemo and Crush and, uh... the other one! I wanna say Bert? Anyway, we're all gonna do that thing I just said!

Breaking Out[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Marlin Send up to 3 characters to Try to Free Marlin!
12h[1] Experience5, Sand Dollars50

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 6
Crush: Stay Calm, Dude 6h Experience20, Sand Dollars45
Level 4
Squirt: Look between Rocks 4h Experience13, Sand Dollars30
Level 2
Bruce: Attack the Wall 4h Experience13, Sand Dollars30

  1. 20h without Hank
Character Dialogue
Nemo Whew...! Thanks for getting those rocks loosened up, Dory... but this is still really tough!
Dory You said it, Taco! And by "it," I mean... you know, "restating what we were just doing," because it was just... Ffft. Gone.
Nemo You know what? That's actually okay! If we're gonna free my dad, I think we're gonna need to change how we do it.
Dory Ooh! I love changing plans! Mostly because I do it by accident a lot, so it's kind of in my wheelhouse...
Dory ... But as far as I know, doing it on purpose is good too!