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Character Dialogue
Nemo Okay, Dory: new plan! I'm gonna try to wiggle in between those rocks and make a path for my dad to get out!
Nemo I just need you and everybody else to do whatever you can to help me get in there! All right?
Dory Oh my gosh... Nemo, your DAD is in there?!
Dory Oh... wait, wait, wait, never mind: That part IS coming back to me right now. Yeah! I'm all in!

Breaking In[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Marlin Send up to 3 characters to Free Marlin!
16h[1] Experience5, Sand Dollars50

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 6
Nemo: Finding an Opening 8h Experience23, Sand Dollars55
Level 3
Dory: Direct Others 4h Experience13, Sand Dollars30
Level 2
Hank: Remove Obstacles 4h Experience13, Sand Dollars30

  1. 28h without Hank
Character Dialogue
Marlin What's happening out there? I can't see anything, and-- Wait... Nemo? Is that you, son?
Nemo It IS me, Dad! And I'm coming to save you -- no matter what!
Nemo It's like Dory says... When life gets hard, just keep swimming!