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Bread-and-Butterflies (Bread-and-Butterflies) are NPC's released with Alice in Wonderland Event Update on 25th October 2017.


The Bread-and-Butterflies are butterflies with slices of bread for wings with butter spread on the outer sides. When aloft, they keep close together, and at rest, they huddle up forming a loaf of bread.

The Bread-and-Butterflies appear when Alice explores the flower garden. The Red Rose introduces them by name. They are later seen during the musical number "All in The Golden Afternoon" where they fly through across a group of tulips, kissing them and later where the daffodils try to catch them. They are last seen taking Alice to the patch of pansies where she sings the final chorus.


A Merry Unbirthday Event 2017
Quest Spawn Rate Time Rewards
You're Toast! (x15) 5 every 4 minutes Instant Queen Coins20
You're Toast! (x20) 5 every 35 minutes Instant Queen Coins20
You're Toast! (x20) 5 every 60 minutes Instant Queen Coins20
Objection! (x30) 5 every 3 minutes Instant Queen Coins20
You're Toast! (x25) 5 every 6 minutes Instant Queen Coins20