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The Boat Repair Materials Token is used to Welcome Moana during Find the Way Event 2019.

How to obtain

Find the Way Event 2019
Character Activity + Time Rewards
Hei Hei
Level 1
Try and Help 4h Experience13, Shiny Shells30
Level 1
Find Boat Repair Materials
* Tamatoa's Lair
4h Experience13, Shiny Shells30
Level 1
Collect Boat Repair Materials
* A Homecoming Celebration
Gramma Tala
Lvl 1
4h Experience17, Shiny Shells63
Level 1
Stand up to Them Chief Tui
Lvl 1
6h Experience20, Shiny Shells95
Other Source Time Rewards
Radiant Chest Radiant Chest Instant x1