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Blue Fairy Hat Token is a uncommon token used to welcome and/or level up Merryweather.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Buzz Lightyear
Level 2
Space Orbiting
* Astro Orbiters
2h Experience10, Magic75 Partysaurus Helmet Token Hat and Sword Token Peanut Token
Level 1
Bake a Cake
* Fairy Hut
2h Experience10, Magic75 Spinning Wheel Figure Token Gold Crown Token
Celia Mae
Level 4
Meet for Sushi
* Cyclops Sushi
4h Experience13, Magic110 Boo's Drawing of Randall Token
Level 4
Grant Blessing of Joy
* Princess Fairytale Hall
6h Experience16, Magic155 Large Shield Token Merryweather Ears Hat Token
Other Source
Silver Chest Silver Chest Instant x1
Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant x2
Sleeping Beauty Float Sleeping Beauty Float 2h (± 8h) Magic450 Red Fairy Hat Token Green Fairy Hat Token Aurora Ears Hat Token
Prince Phillip Ears Hat Token
Princess Fairytale Hall
Ench. Level 1
Princess Fairytale Hall: Dusting Chandeliers 12h Experience24, Magic162 Prince Charming Ears Hat Token