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StrangerAtaru StrangerAtaru 26 June 2021

Reasonings for Game Usage

Franchises in the Game By Era:

-Mickey & Friends: 1 Permanent (all that's needed)

-Golden Age Disney Films (1937-1942): 2 Permanent (Dumbo, Bambi), 1 Limited (Snow White), 2 Missing (Pinocchio, Fantasia) - Pinocchio is such a wild card at this point on if/whether it will even be a permanent or not; it has a large enough pool of notable characters it can use (Pinocchio, Jiminy, Gepetto, plus the notable villains like Honest John, Gideon and Stromboli) but unless you live in Japan (where Honest John and Gideon have huge support), it's just the heroes.  Snow White I get since it has a huge character pool thanks to the Seven Dwarfs, while Dumbo and Bambi tend to only have a smaller pool of focal characters, which is understandable for Dumbo sinc…

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Starwarsfan928 v 2.2 Starwarsfan928 v 2.2 9 April 2021

Welcome a glitch tech

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StrangerAtaru StrangerAtaru 5 March 2021

Franchise Ideas - Robin Hood

Franchise Ideas – Robin Hood

Personal Thoughts: This movie has grown on me I admit; I never used to like this movie and still think it’s soundtrack is really one of the weakest in the studio (the music itself, not the songs like Roger Miller’s fun works), but it’s really a rather daring movie for a studio to at least have concepts of what heroism is in the face of persecution and authoritarian natures.


-Must Haves: The obvious two: Robin Hood and Little John.  The movie was set up with them as Butch and Sundance, so really, they’re the only musts with everyone else as a “maybe”. (really for all the other movies, it’s really just two “musts”; I only had five with The Aristocats because it’s the only one where it doesn’t work without D…

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StrangerAtaru StrangerAtaru 4 March 2021

Franchise Ideas - The Aristocats

Personal Thoughts: This…is probably the weakest movie of the period.  Maybe the weakest movie of the entire canon, but at least the worst of the pre-Little Mermaid content IMHO.  Sure there are still some interesting ideas here but it just never was my bag.


-Must-Haves: Really the key ones here are the main five: mother Duchess, the kittens Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz, and O’Malley the alley cat.  The movie centers around them, they’re the main focus, so I think we’re good to go with them and don’t really need anyone else.

-Other Possible: There are a lot of characters in this movie and most of them we can probably do without.  The there are two, maybe three, I could see get in eventually that aren’t of the titular “Aristocats” and O’…

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StrangerAtaru StrangerAtaru 4 March 2021

Franchise Ideas - Intro

Hey there. Been thinking a bit on if/whether/how certain franchises should be in the game, at least from the Dark Age but maybe others or additions if possible, and just sort of want to share them here if anyone is willing to listen. I don't think I'm going to change hearts and minds...but do think it could be a fun exercise if done right. This is mostly to introduce the concept but mostly just going to at least work with the Dark Age movies and see how it goes.

Dark Age Movie List:

  1. The Aristocats
  2. Robin Hood
  3. The Rescuers (Probably combining the 1977 original and the 1990 sequel "The Rescuers Down Under" if I did it)
  4. The Fox and the Hound
  5. The Black Cauldron
  6. The Great Mouse Detective
  7. Oliver & Company

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Bob the Builder Fan 547 Bob the Builder Fan 547 24 September 2020

Characters That I Want to See in the Game

This is where I list some characters that I want to see in the game. (Note that these are only speculations and haven't been confirmed yet) 

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BryanDisney BryanDisney 24 September 2020

Characters I Want To See in the Game

This blog is still in development.

This game have so many characters, but we always are ready to have more!

Here, I will list some characters that I want to see in the game

  • Note: these items are only speculations and not confirmed
  • Note: some characters can appear in the game, others not. Remember that these items are only speculations

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15sturmelle 15sturmelle 6 May 2020

My Character Ideas List for Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hey everyone, thought i'd share with you all my ideas of which characters i would like to see in Disney Magic Kingdoms next, so without further ado, let's begin. I hope you enjoy. 

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CoolNiceAtDisney CoolNiceAtDisney 13 February 2020

My Parade Floats

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CoolNiceAtDisney CoolNiceAtDisney 13 February 2020

My Dream Update

Update 41: Hercules Limited Time Event


💎= Premium; = Movie, Possible (or Previously Introduced) Set; B = Character Name; U = Title/Subtitle.

What's New?

(1)New Set(s):

  • Hercules.

(7)New Character(s):

  • Hercules,
  • Meg,
  • Pegasus,
  • Hades,
  • Pain,
  • 💎Panic,
  • 💎Pegasus.

(3)New Attraction(s):

  • The Statue Garden,
  • Zeus Temple,
  • Training Grounds.

(0)New Costume(s):

(0)New Expansion(s):

(1)New Boss Fight(s):

  • Hades.

Event Main Stage - The Underworld.

Event Secondary Storyline - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Event Currency - Greek Pottery.

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CoolNiceAtDisney CoolNiceAtDisney 3 January 2020

The “FINAL” Boss Battle

Fan Fiction by CoolNiceAtDisney

Before you read the entire article, take caution as it is fake and it is just a theory.

We know a handful of villains that it cannot be, so that alerts us that it can’t be any of the following (because we may have welcomed them):

Another criteria of the villain would likely be that they have to fit into the theme of Adventureland. Not all villains would have to be suited for Adventureland, they boss may be Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty) or Madam Mim (from the Sword in the Stone) because they fit into the storyline with their use of magic and sorcery. In other words, the most likely final boss(es) of DMK would be: Maleficent, Madam Mim or Yzma (from the Emperor’s New Groove).

Send up to 12 characters to get ri…

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StewardHalt StewardHalt 5 June 2019

Steward (SECUR-T) for Magic Kingdoms!

I have already explained a majority of my ideas in the General Discussions Board. However, I think it would be better sorted if I posted all the ideas here.

In case you were wondering, the Stewards are a group of minor characters in the Pixar film Wall-E. As their names imply, they are Stewards of the futuristic space cruise ship crafted by Buy 'N Large; the Axiom. Some of the major physical qualities of a Steward include the yellow siren for a head, broad shoulders with yellow epaulettes, and especially the electronic touch screen on his stomach, often showing the 'Halt' sign (bright red with white hand).

I have loved these characters for over a year now, but I still want them in the Magic Kingdoms game. So here's a series of my ideas;

  • 1 Acti…

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EmpressElsa123 EmpressElsa123 4 June 2019

Attractions I wish for the game



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EmpressElsa123 EmpressElsa123 5 April 2019

Characters I wish for the game

Characters and costumes I wish to see in the game in future updates, or that I imagine that it is possible to appear in the game. And the possible stories that can happen (or at least, those that I think would be appropriate in the game), and possible tokens for the characters.

  • 💎 = Premium
  • 🔒 = Chest Prize
  • 🎈 = Classic Event (commonly with seven characters, although it can vary as in the cases of "Snow White" with more or "Brave" with less)
  • 🎉 = Mini-Event (with five characters)
  • ♜ = Tower Challenges
    • 🐭 = Unlock with tokens for a limited time
  • ♻️ = Cascading Critter Event
    • 🏆 = Cascading Critter's main prize in third mini event (character without symbol is the prize in the first mini event)
  •  ✳️ = More information (Pass the mouse cursor over the symbol)
  • ⛔ = Not …
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Cdavymatias Cdavymatias 27 March 2018

Characters I wish to see in the game

    • Pass the computer's cursor over the "#" to get more details
    • 🏰 = In Kingdom Story
    • ⏲️ = In Events#
    • ♦️ = Premium
    • ♣️ = Main Prize in a Cascading Critter#
    • 🧩 = Unlocked with Tokens obtained during Tower Challenges' Quests#
    • 🗝 = Prize in chests
    • 👾 = Tapper Event milestones' main prize
    • 🧵 = Costume obtained with fabrics (obtained during a Tapper Event for limited-time characters)
    • 🎃 = Ideal for Halloween
    • 🎄 = Ideal for Christmas
    • Look in the Glossary to search a specific film or franchise (with a total of 118 franchises listed)

In the list, I try to focus on four of the main five brands of The Walt Disney Company:
 • Disney (Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney Animation Studios#, Walt Disney Pictures, Dis…

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