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Character Dialogue
Honey Lemon I'm sorry for talking over you, Hiro... that wasn't very respectful of me.
Hiro It's okay. Honey -- I'm just glad you're here. We need to get eyes on Yokai somehow... I'd say from the air, but without Baymax...
Honey Lemon Oh -- I have just the thing! I've been working on embedding an aerial microdrone into one of my chem-balls...
Honey Lemon All I have to do is throw it up in the air, and poof! Instant eye in the sky!
Hiro Honey... that's brilliant! I'll scout out Krei Tech from ground level -- you test out your drone and see what you can find!

Big Hero Two![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Hiro to scout the area.
"Scout the Area"
6h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Honey Lemon
Level 1
Send Honey Lemon to launch her microdrone.
"Launch Her Microdrone"
Character Dialogue
Hiro Looks like Baymax is offline... Yokai must've deactivated him. At least he doesn't have to be awake to see this...
Honey Lemon Don't worry, Hiro... I'm sure Baymax will be all right! And good news: My microdrone worked like a dream!
Hiro That's great! You mean we've got a clear visual on Krei Tech?
Honey Lemon We will! Just as soon as I clean the pink polyurethane dust out of my camera attachment!
Honey Lemon I THINK I insulated the memory card from the rest of my chem-ball... but it's still just a prototype!