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Character Dialogue
Vanellope Hey, nerds! It's time for a bonus episode of "PRINCESSES UNPLUGGED," the podcast where I interview some cool ladies I know!
Vanellope You know today's guest as the Princess of Corona... and yes, if you believe in magic, she IS a natural blonde! Please welcome...
Vanellope (Pssst...! Rapunzel! That's your cue!!! Aahhh, don't tell me she's still getting changed...)

Behind the Hair[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Rapunzel to enjoy her free time.[1]
"Enjoy Her Free Time"
4h Experience5, Magic50
Character Dialogue
Vanellope THERE you are! And all I had to do was follow a trail of hair for twenty increasingly unlikely minutes...
Vanellope Look, Raps... you know I like you, but you can't just skip a taping date! If I had any subscribers, they'd be REALLY ticked off!
Rapunzel Oh my gosh, that was today?! Vanellope... I am so, SO sorry. When you grow up in a tower, it's easy to lose track of time...
Rapunzel Let me make it up to you! Here: The studio sent us these... I think the Dutch call them "dough-nutts"? They're delicious!
Vanellope Aww... thanks, buddy! Kinda reminds me of a cop I know, but I'll get past it.
Vanellope Tell you what: So long as we can make our next episode "Rapunzel Tries New Foods," we'll call it even!
Rapunzel Great! I've heard that some bakers have crossed this with a croissant... I'm curious to try that, too!