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Character Dialogue
Bunny Yo Ducky! You know how we talk about doing the "Plush Rush," right?
Ducky Oh! Like, how it's the NUMBER ONE activity we wanted to do once we got down off the wall? The one we talk about ALL THE TIME?
Bunny Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the one, dude! That's the ONE! But, see, hear me OUT, though... I THINK I thought of some improvements.
Ducky Shut. UP! Okay, dude: If you do not tell me literally EVERY detail, RIGHT NOW? I am straight up MAILING MYSELF BACK TO CHINA.

Beat the Rush?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Bunny and Ducky to try Plush Rush improvements.
"Improve the Plush Rush"
12h Experience5, Magic100
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Bunny ... And then, on the count of three? We're like: "One... Two... SKA-DOOSH!" Just pick up the whole carousel and THROW IT INTO SPACE!
Ducky No WAY. No way! Bunny, I will not lie to you: That MAY be the best idea in the history of brain geniuses.
Ducky Now, not to get in the middle of your flow or anything, but... we ARE gonna vaporize that carousel with our laser eyes, right?
Bunny Well, if you even have to ASK, then I'm not gonna tell you... but, like, ONE THOUSAND PERCENT "YES."
Bunny You ever workshop an idea and it comes out perfect the first try? 'Cause I think we just did that!