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Character Dialogue
Thumper I have lots of brothers and sisters... but I'm the only one they call Thumper! And that's 'cause I'm real good at THIS!

Beat Feet![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Thumper to show off his namesake.
"Show Off His Namesake"
60m Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Thumper Didja see that? Were ya watching that? I'm real good, aren't I?
Thumper Rabbits like me do that to tell our friends someone's comin'... but I just do it 'cause it's fun, too!
Thumper Mama said if I eat my greens every day, I'll get great big feet so I can thump even better... but I don't know.
Thumper Maybe I can just eat a LITTLE bit of greens every day?