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Bear Teeter-Totters (Bear Teeter-Totters) are NPC's released with Brave Event Update on 15th December 2020.


Bear Teeter-Totters appear in the film Brave as one of the many "wood cutting" products made by The Witch as part of her supposed trade, which she tries to pass off and sell to those who want other services such as Merida.


BEAR TEETER-TOTTERS are APPEARING all over the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to catch Bear Teeter-Totters.

Collect Tokens and Select a Character to Catch Them!
Wood-Carving Tools and Witch's Potion Bottle Tokens are required in order for a character to catch the Bear Teeter-Totters. These Tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Complete the quest to CATCH BEAR TEETER-TOTTERS!
Capturing the Bear Teeter-Totters is required to complete quests and progress through the event's storyline.

Bear Teeter-Totters Return Until the Quest Is Complete!
Bear Teeter-Totters will continue to appear until the quest is completed!


Bear Teeter-Totters can be captured by Queen Elinor, Lord MacGuffin, and Lord Dingwall once the quest Definitely What They Are! is unlocked and by King Fergus, Lord MacGuffin, and Lord Macintosh once the quest Totter No More! is unlocked, by using the Wood-Carving Tools Token (Wood-Carving Tools Token) and Witch's Potion Bottle Token (Witch's Potion Bottle Token) tokens.

Highland Games Event 2020
Quest Requirements Spawn Rate Time Rewards
Definitely What They Are! (x12) Wood-Carving Tools Token3, Witch's Potion Bottle Token2 3 every 6 hours 6m [1] Iced Pastries5
Totter No More! (x12) Wood-Carving Tools Token3, Witch's Potion Bottle Token2 3 every 6 hours 6m [2] Iced Pastries5
  1. 10s with Lord Dingwall
  2. 10s with King Fergus