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Character Dialogue
Nani I never really know what Angel is talking about -- except when she's singing. But this time, I think I can figure it out.
Nani She led me to the beach... but if Stitch didn't like the water in the ocean when we first met him, Angel might not like it either.
Nani Which means... if something IS there that could help us, I have to be the one who finds it!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Nani to search Lahui Beach for clues.[1]
"Search Lahui Beach"
2h Experience5, Galactic Coins50
  1. Requires Lahui Beach
Character Dialogue
Nani ... Nothing. I even tried climbing that palm tree to get a view from higher up -- but I didn't see anything weird at all.
Nani If anything here is going to help beat that robot, or help find Lilo, or save Stitch, then I don't know where it--
Nani ... Wait. What's that glittery thing in the sand over there?
Nani Either some malihini's (visitor's) been ignoring the "No Littering" signs again... or that's a clue!