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Character Dialogue
Goofy Hey, Pete! How come you've been scarin' our friends?
Pete 'Cause they're havin' fun. And kids havin' fun means yellin' and singin' and noise!
Pete It's ruinin' my peace an' quiet. Which I ain't gonna stand for!
Mickey Mouse Leave this to me, Goof. I'll just have a nice, peaceful talk with ol' Pete.

Be a Good Neighbor[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level 1
Send Mickey to reason with Pete.
"Reason with Pete"
10s Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Pete Nice try, small fry. Next time, I won't be so friendly.
Mickey Mouse That was you being FRIENDLY?
Mickey Mouse I'd hate to see you being mean!
Pete Haw-haw! Just stick around. You'll see lots of it!
Mickey Mouse I sure hope Pete doesn't cause any more trouble.