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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera I've gotta get as many other musicians as I can to help me with this show!
Miguel Rivera I've seen a bunch of them around, so I know they're out there... but they probably don't know me. Or my music!
Miguel Rivera But the best way to show them I'm worth playing with is to... well, play for them! I just hope it works...

Backing Band[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Miguel Rivera
Level 4
Send Miguel to recruit other musicians.
"Recruit Other Musicians"
12h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Whoa... So many people signed up already, and I barely even had to ask!
Miguel Rivera No violinists yet -- but we've got at least two on trumpet, and a flutist, too. That's most of the way to a mariachi band!
Miguel Rivera The only thing is, I think they must've come from a costume party or something, 'cause they're dressed REALLY weird.
Miguel Rivera That's okay with me, though. If they wanna stand out, I'm not gonna stop them!