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Character Dialogue
Chief Bogo I apologize for all the skulking about, Hopps... It's just... if the squad knew I was a Gazelle fan, I wouldn't hear the end of it.
Chief Bogo I only told Clawhauser because he already knew... Though I see he hasn't exactly kept my schedule a secret.
Judy Hopps Aww... Well, I'm sorry for overreacting, Chief. How you spend your time off should be YOUR business!
Chief Bogo No need, Hopps. You saw something out of place, trusted your gut, and followed through. That's just good police work.
Chief Bogo Now: I need you and Wilde back in the field! Got a mammal downtown raving about some "Curse" or other -- and I expect ANSWERS!

Back to Work!!![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Judy Hopps
Level 8
Send Judy to look over the case file.
"Look Over Case Files"
12h Experience25, Magic150
Nick Wilde
Level 8
Send Nick to interview witnesses.
"Interview Witnesses"
Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps Hmm... There may be more to these rumors than we thought, Nick. Looks like we'll be working this one for a while...
Nick Wilde Ahh, relax, Carrots! This is Hopps and Wilde you're talking about -- practically a dream team!
Nick Wilde You just wait. With us on the case? This whole "Curse" thing's as good as toast!
Judy Hopps Yeah... Yeah! Thanks, Nick -- I needed that!