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Character Dialogue
Gaston That monster? Throwing a ball?! For MY wife-to-be?! The OUTRAGE!
Gaston Why, if I weren't still... RECOVERING from my last time tangling with that creature, I'd tear him limb from limb!
Gaston This calls for... ugh... THINKING. I'll just have to trick Belle's pretty little female brain into coming to MY ball, instead!
Gaston I'll just have to drop by her house and... PERSUADE her.

Back at the Village...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Belle's House.[1] 6h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
  1. Requires Lumiere Level 2
Character Dialogue
Beast Belle...? Are you there?
Beast ... Wait. Did someone just run away and jump into the bushes when I got close to her house...?
Beast Maybe it was my imagination...