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Character Dialogue
Jumba Ah -- I forget! Is almost time for me to record this week's video journal!
Jumba I start doing this when I am cooking up my first couple hundred experiments -- to take notes on progress, you see. But now?
Jumba Now, is a little more freedom. Have to give historians material for when they write about my staggering greatness one day!
Jumba Hm. What do I record this time?

Anything for Posterity...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jumba to record his video journal.
"Record His Video Journal"
60m Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Galactic Coins50 during A Stitch-y Situation Event 2018
Character Dialogue
Jumba HAAA-hahahaaaa!!! Oh... sorry. Sorry! I decide to record a joke I come up with this time, and I crack myself up!
Jumba ... What is joke? Okay, okay. Here is joke: "What did the Kikitoso plorg-herder say to the Greema?"
Jumba Heh heh heh... "Nothing! Kikitosos communicate through olfactory secretions!!!"
Jumba ... Heh. Maybe it loses something in the translation.
Jumba ... But if you DO ever meet a Kikitoso, hold any noses you have.