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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Okay, everyone... This next song is very special to me. You might have heard it as a big solo number... but it was really a duet.
Miguel Rivera My great-great-grandfather used to sing it with his daughter -- my Mamá Coco. And now, whenever I play it, I can hear her--
Dante Arf! Arf arf arf arf!!!
Miguel Rivera Haha! Well, I hear her voice -- and sometimes, I hear my friend Dante's too! Do you wanna sing this one with me, boy?

And Also Starring...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Dante and Miguel to sing along to the show!
"Sing Along to the Show!"
6h Experience10, Vinyl Records75
Miguel Rivera
Level 5
Character Dialogue
Dante Aroooo-ooo-ooooo!
Miguel Rivera Hahaha! Good boy! That's Dante on backup vocals, everybody!
Miguel Rivera And remember: Whenever you're far away from somebody YOU love, just know that music can make you feel close to them again!
Miguel Rivera I hear you, too, Mamá Coco... and I'm so happy to be playing your song!
Dante Arf!!!