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An Ill Wind is where The Tower Challenge Chapter 1 begins....

Character Dialogue
Maleficent Years of plotting... Scheme after black-hearted scheme... And still, the Curse on this land is no stronger than before!
Maleficent But if I cannot conquer this Kingdom on my own... Well. That is why I have called YOU here.
Queen of Hearts For a game of cards?! Splendid! Now: As Queen, I will deal first--
Jafar Ahem... She means joining forces, "Your Majesty"... and I quite agree. If there's any way I can be of service to such a cause--
Maleficent Honeyed words will avail you nothing, vizier. Your skills may be necessary... but I am well aware of your penchant for betrayal.
Oogie Boogie HAH! She means you're a low-down, no-account con man, Snake Eyes!
Jafar How DARE you speak to me that way, you miserable--!
Oogie Boogie Don't you pay that sucker no mind, Witch-Girl -- you just let Oogie Boogie do his stuff! Halloween IS my holiday, after all!
Maleficent Hmm... Very well. I leave this matter to you. But if you fail me... Well. You know the consequences.

Character Dialogue
Merlin Can you feel it...? The Kingdom's magic... it's changing somehow! As if everything has been knocked off-kilter...
Merlin I've cast spell after spell in hopes of fixing it -- but they're not having nearly as much of an effect as I'd like...
Merlin This doesn't bode well at all... not one little bit!
Maleficent Hahaha... HahahaHAAAA!!!
Maleficent Insolent fools... Up until now, my Curses may have been thwarted... but no longer!!! For THIS spell... is different than the others.
Maleficent THIS Curse will steal away the dreams of everyone in the Kingdom... transforming it into the Place Where Nightmares Come True!!!
Character Dialogue
Sally There's something in the wind... I know it's almost Halloween, so I SHOULD be happy, but...
Sally I feel a vision coming on... and it's not a good one.

An Ill Wind

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sally to attend to the vision.
"Attend to the Vision"
2h Refresh Token1, Maleficent Coins50
Character Dialogue
Sally A forest of thorns... a snake in the desert... and a severed head?
Sally Strange... Normally that sort of vision would be a happy one, but... it seems wrong to me. Very wrong.
Sally And... Wait... there's more to the vision than that. A swarm of crawly things... a shadow on the moon...
Sally ... Oogie Boogie!
Sally I have to warn Jack! My visions haven't been wrong yet...