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Character Dialogue
Pete Mickey this, Mickey that. Everybody in this Kingdom's obsessed with that little runt and I'm sick of it!
Pete About time I put him in his place. Think I'll swing by his house and drop off a present just for him.
Pete One dozen rotten eggs ready for delivery!

An Eggstra-Special Surprise[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Pete to sneak into Mickey's House.[1]
"Visit Mickey's House"
8h Experience15, Magic100
  1. Requires Mickey's House
Character Dialogue
Pete Uh-oh. Mickey's house is gonna smell disgusting, but now so do I.
Pete I guess carrying those eggs around all day wasn't such a good idea...
Pete Suppose I could look at the upside. No noisy kid's gonna wanna get within ten feet of me now.