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Character Dialogue
Maui Man, I used to LOVE New Year's when I was a little demigod! The things those humans come up with...
Maui I mean: You got foot races! You got wrestling! You got stone-bowling! You got tug-of-war!
Maui Okay, that last one is technically a team sport, but this one time, I went head-to-head against an ENTIRE village, and--
Maui Uh... anyway. I REALLY like New Year's. Wonder if they'll let me compete this time...

Always Stretch First![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Maui to get himself limbered up.
"Get Himself Limbered Up"
12h Experience10, Sand Dollars75
Character Dialogue
Maui HA! Now, THAT'S what I call a solid pre-workout routine!
Maui I should try to sell the people around here on "hook-spinning" as a New Year's contest, because I PRACTICALLY already won.
Maui And hey! There's plenty of people watching me even if I'm NOT officially inventing a sport to win at. And that's not nothing!
Maui "Not nothing," in this case, means "everyone who sees me becomes an instant fan." Just... to be clear.