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Character Dialogue
Merlin I've had the strangest feeling of being watched, lately. And I'm reasonably certain it's not by Archimedes.
Merlin No... I fear we're being spied on by something sinister. And it's past time we TOLD that something to "shoo!"

All Too Familiar[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Hidden Crows Tap the Hidden Crows. (x15)
"Spawn rate: 5 every 10 minutes"
Instant [1] Gems2, Experience5, Grimhilde Coins50
  1. Although the character activities is Instant, the complete quest duration is 20m because of the Hidden Crows spawn rate.
Character Dialogue
Merlin I've always wondered why CROWS, of all animals, are so often found in the service of dark forces...
Merlin They're quite intelligent, you know. Why, they can recognize faces -- even without magic. One would think they'd know better...
Merlin The next time I shapeshift into a bird, I'll have to make the case against evil to them directly...
Merlin I CAN shapeshift into a bird, you know. What kind of wizard would I be if I couldn't?