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Character Dialogue
Poe We figured it all out in the briefing, but for this mission to work, Finn and I are gonna have to divide and conquer.
Poe I'm covering our new recruits as they book it to the speeder fleet and get themselves in assault formation...
Poe And Finn? He's got an even more important job -- volunteered for it himself, too.
Poe Tell you one thing, though: It sure beats pointing a ski speeder at a battering ram cannon. He's come a long way since then!

All Systems Go[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Poe to cover the Resistance Speeders.[1]
"Cover the Speeders"
6h Experience5, Galactic Credits/201950
Level 4
Send Finn to evacuate the noncombatants.
"Evacuate Noncombatants"
Character Dialogue
Finn All right, that's the last of the civilians behind closed doors and out of harm's way.
Finn So many refugees... Wish I wasn't used to seeing it, but the First Order puts good people in danger wherever it goes.
Finn That's the difference between the First Order and the Resistance, though. They don't care who they hurt; we try NOT to hurt.
Finn After Pressy's Tumble... after Jakku... I know which side I want to be on. And I'm never going back.