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Character Dialogue
Peter Pan How old am I? Aw, I don't know. But, one thing's for sure. I'll never grow up! No one in Never Land ever gets older.
Peter Pan How come? Well... I guess I never really thought about it before.
Peter Pan I guess it's all the playing games, and making mud pies, and climbing trees... oh, and hunting for treasure, too!
Peter Pan I almost forget the MOST important thing: making funny faces! You can't stay young if you don't make LOTS of funny faces.

Ahh, Youth![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Peter Pan
Level 4
Send Peter Pan to practice making funny face.
"Practice Funny Faces"
4h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Peter Pan HAAA! Did you see that last one? It looks just like that old crocodile, doesn't it?
Peter Pan I made that face for Hook once, and it just about scared him out of his silly little buckled shoes!
Peter Pan Beating Hook in a fight's a good way to stay young, too. 'Course, I'm about the only one who does it!