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Character Dialogue
The Sultan I still remember the day I met Aladdin... I was convinced of his good character from the moment I stepped aboard his carpet!
The Sultan Do you know, I've asked that remarkable creature for another ride more often than I can count, but it's demurred every time...
The Sultan ... Only out of propriety, I suppose. No doubt it's a bit overawed by my lofty station!
The Sultan Still: As the saying goes, there's more than one way to fly a carpet! Or, rather, I've just found some other carpets to fly...

Again! Again![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
The Sultan
Level 3
Send the Sultan to fly the Magic Carpets.[1]
"Fly the Magic Carpets"
8h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
The Sultan Ha ha! Ohh, marvelous... Simply marvelous! I will be making a habit of THAT -- I've never been more certain of it!
The Sultan Though I admit, I wonder why every one of them wobbled around a bit and fell down after I... er... disembarked...
The Sultan I imagine it's due to cultural differences. Who knows what passes for courtly manners among enchanted carpets?
The Sultan Perhaps they were performing some sort of ritualized "thank you" dance...