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Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling That Peter... He DOES tend to forget that other people can't fly as fast as he can. Why, some people can't even fly at all!
Wendy Darling Well, there's no reason why I can't look for the Lost Boys by myself.
Wendy Darling After all, John and Michael wander off often enough, so I've oodles of practice.

Add to the Search[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Wendy Darling
Level 4
Send Wendy to seek out the Lost Boys.
"Seek Out the Lost Boys"
8h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling Well, if nothing else, that was certainly refreshing. Searching is so much more fun when you can fly.
Wendy Darling Unfortunately, I saw no sign of the Lost Boys, but... Wait a moment.
Wendy Darling Now, that's interesting... I'm certain that tree wasn't there before.
Wendy Darling And it looks familiar, too... Wait. It couldn't be...
Wendy Darling ... It IS! Oh, I HAVE to tell Peter!