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Character Dialogue
Cobra Bubbles Nani. I've reviewed the situation... and it warrants bringing you in as a civilian consultant.
Nani Thank you!!! Wait... does that mean we're officially working together now?
Nani Because... uh... once we make sure everybody's safe, it would REALLY help me provide for Lilo if I could put that on my resu--
Cobra Bubbles Absolutely not. Now: Is there anywhere you can think of that might have additional information on our target?

According to My Research...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Lilo's House.[1] 2h Experience5, Galactic Coins50
  1. Requires Nani Level 3
Character Dialogue
Nani Jumba's lab -- at our house. I haven't seen Jumba around lately, but he takes notes on everything... That should help, right?
Cobra Bubbles It should. Good instincts, Nani -- if my organization were allowed to issue recommendations, you would be first on our list.
Nani Thanks! ... I think.
Cobra Bubbles The Agency doesn't make a habit of publicizing its contractors. Or anything else, for that matter.