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Character Dialogue
Aladdin Abu, I KNOW you want to pick up the party supplies yourself, but I'm not sure the merchants here will sell to a monkey.
Aladdin Also, I'm not sure you could carry all of it at once...or...uh...any of it, actually.
Abu Hmph!
Aladdin Aw, c'mon, Abu! Don't be like that! Come back!

Abu, Alone[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Abu into the Streets of Agrabah by himself.[1]
"Go Alone"
8h Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Abu Hmph!
Aladdin Let me guess. You got thrown out of the marketplace...
Abu ... ... ...
Aladdin ...For trying to steal everything we need?
Abu ... ... ... ...
Aladdin Sorry, Abu, but we've been best friends for way too long. I know all your tricks.
Abu Aww...