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Character Dialogue
Abuelita Bueno: My Miguelito wants songs from his family? He will GET songs from his family.
Abuelita When my grandmother and I told our relatives to hide their love of music, what did they do? They listened!
Abuelita So now, when I tell them to SHOW what they were hiding all of these years, they will ALSO listen!
Abuelita Who knows? This time, I may not even have to yell at them as loud!

A la Hacienda

Character Activities Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Rivera Familia Home.[1] 6h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
  1. Requires Abuelita Level 2
Character Dialogue
Abuelita Of course! It is Día de los Muertos, after all: The family will all be at the hacienda, preparing!
Abuelita Good. That means, if I DO have to wave a chancla at them, they'll all be in one place!
Abuelita It gives me no pleasure -- but in my experience, threatening to hit someone with a shoe gets results!