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Character Dialogue
Roo Pooh didn't look like he could get down on his own, Mama... so I thought of a plan for all of us to help him!
Kanga You did? Well! That was a very thoughtful thing to do, Roo!
Roo Aw... thanks, Mama! I was gonna draw what the plan was, too -- that way, the next time I find Rabbit, I can show him!
Kanga Hmm... Rabbit IS very good at plans, dear... but today, he might be a little LESS good at being found.

A Visual Thinker[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Roo to draw up his plan for saving Pooh.
"Draw Ideas"
2h Experience5, Pooh Badges50
Character Dialogue
Rabbit L-let's see... left... left... another left... oh dear. How many lefts DID I take, again?
Roo Hello, Rabbit!
Rabbit GAHH!!! Er... I mean, hello, Roo! I... I was just looking for y-- I mean, I just found you!
Roo You did? Hooray! I didn't even know I was lost!
Roo Anyway -- I made up a plan to free Pooh Bear! Wanna see it?