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Character Dialogue
Eudora Babycakes, you know I trust you... but I've also been around long enough to know when you're hiding something.
Eudora And so long as you're safe and happy, that's your business! But now, with you and Naveen in trouble...
Eudora Well... whatever it is, just know that I can handle hearing about it.
Tiana Mama... O... okay. Uh... how do I put this...

A VERY Long Story[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Tiana and Eudora to try and clear things up.
"Try and Clear Things Up"
2h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Tiana So... uh... You know that old storybook you used to read to Lottie and me when we were little?
Eudora Sure, I do... though I'm still not sure where you're going with this.
Tiana I-I'll get to that. So--
Prince Naveen Tiana!!! FINALLY! I have FOUND yooouu.. Wwwwhy is your mother here?!
Tiana Naveen -- thank goodness! Uh... can we actually talk together just the two of us for a second?