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Character Dialogue
Chief Tui Well, the good news is, if those tapestry pieces did come from our fleet... I know where we can find the rest of them.
Chief Tui Back on Motunui, we packed Mother's things under the village meeting house for safekeeping...
Sina Right! And we took some of the materials from that meeting house with us, so we could build a new one here more quickly!
Chief Tui Exactly. All we'd have to do is set it up as planned, and I'm sure we'll find Mother's tapestries somewhere inside.
Chief Tui I'll tell the master builder to come ashore and start construction right away; you help gather materials. We can do this!

A Taste of Motunui[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build A Homecoming Celebration.[1] 6h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
  1. Requires Sina Level 3
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui Ahhh... I knew that builder was the best. Worth every fine mat we gave him...
Chief Tui Not that I've been standing idle, of course. We needed fresh timber for the rafters -- and thankfully, I'm handy with an adze.
Chief Tui It's always bittersweet, taking down a fine coconut palm like that... but it's comforting to know we always plant new ones!
Chief Tui Of course, now I'm talking as if we really are going to settle here, after all...