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Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling I'm especially glad I found you today, Peter. You see, I've just heard the most wonderful story! It's all about you and me--
Peter Pan Oh, you mean the one about when you first came to Never Land and got kidnapped, but then we beat Hook and his pirates?
Wendy Darling Why-- Why, yes! Though it IS a bit shorter, when you say it that way...
Peter Pan It's a good story, Wendy, but you don't need to tell it to me -- I was there! But I've got PLENTY of new stories for you...

A Tale to Tell[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Peter Pan
Level 1
Send Peter Pan and Wendy to share a story.
"Share a Story"
8h Experience25, Magic200
Wendy Darling
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Peter Pan ... And we lived happily ever after! That's how all GOOD stories end, right?
Wendy Darling Yes, Peter. And it WAS a good story! Those new pirates sounded quite friendly, and I'm curious about that giant sea monster...
Wendy Darling ... But there's one thing I don't understand -- where do the Lost Boys fit into it all?
Peter Pan The Lost Boys? Oh, I don't know. I haven't told THEM the story yet.
Peter Pan Whenever I tell 'em a story, they remind me how they're in it. I never remember otherwise!