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Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Gosh, Goofy's doing his best, but he's mostly just leading those little guys around in a circle...
Mickey Mouse Maybe we're goin' about this all wrong. Maybe, instead of gettin' 'em to move, we just have to get 'em to STOP moving!
Mickey Mouse Say, I wonder if they like bedtime stories! Wait... do they even sleep?

A Story for Shellfish[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level 2
Send Mickey to read the creatures a bedtime story.
"Read a Bedtime Story"
12h Experience5, King Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Hmm... Well, they didn't exactly fall asleep...
Mickey Mouse In fact, as soon as I read that part about the magic spell, they all perked up and started crawling all over me!
Mickey Mouse It's not what I was hoping for, but I think I know just what to do now!