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Character Dialogue
Elizabeth Swann We appear to have two problems. The missing ship and the Curse. But which to tackle first?
Will Turner As much as I hate the idea of parting, it might be best to split up so we can investigate both problems at once.

A Ship to Sail[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Elizabeth Swann
Level 1
Send Elizabeth to seek the ship.
"Seek the Ship"
2h Experience15, Magic100
Will Turner
Level 2
Send Will to look into this "Curse."
"Look Into Curse"
Character Dialogue
Will Turner But how to reach it?
Elizabeth Swann We may be in luck. I noticed that the fog tends to clear when the locals are having fun.
Will Turner So, we just need to show everyone a good time and the Curse will clear. Then we can look for the ship!
Elizabeth Swann Fortunately, I know just how to have a good time.