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Character Dialogue
Lady Tremaine What a tawdry little Kingdom. Why, it's hardly worth the trouble of traveling all the way here...
Lady Tremaine ... Were it not for all of the princes who've somehow seen fit to visit the place.
Lady Tremaine Mark my words: My daughters WILL marry well. No matter the cost...

A Royal Pain[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Lady Tremaine
Level 1
Send Lady Tremaine to scout out eligible princes.
"Scout Eligible Princes"
60m Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Lady Tremaine Hmph. So very many princes...
Lady Tremaine ... And not a ONE of them eligible.
Lady Tremaine Save for one, at any rate... though he hardly bears mentioning. I'll not have my daughters only thirteenth in line to a throne...
Lady Tremaine After all, I deserve FAR better.