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Character Dialogue
Alice (So she IS here! Thank you, Cheshire Cat...) Ahem-- Excuse me, Your Majesty! I--
Queen of Hearts QUIET!!! Stand up straight! Curtsey! Speak politely -- AND DON'T TWIDDLE YOUR THUMBS!
Queen of Hearts One must attend to Rule 12, after all: "Convicted rose-painters must behave courteously until the moment of their beheading!"
Alice Convicted--?! Oh, no, Your Majesty -- there must be some mistake!
Alice If only we could find a quiet place to talk, I'm certain I could clear my name... You'll see!

A Rose Is a Rose...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Alice and the Queen into the Golden Afternoon.[1]
"Go into the Golden Afternoon"
6h Maleficent Coins800 Refresh Token1
Queen of Hearts
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Alice ... So you see, I've never painted ANY sort of flower ANY sort of color at all! Barring when lives were at stake, of course.
Queen of Hearts Hmm... Yes, I see!
Alice You do?! Oh, thank you, Your Majesty -- thank you! I knew you would see reason eventually, I just knew it--
Queen of Hearts ... I SEE that none of THESE flowers were ever roses in the first place, let alone red ones! CASE DISMISSED!!!
Alice ... Oh. Well... I suppose any dismissal will do, at that!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent IMPOSSIBLE! Of all the incompetent witless, RIDICULOUS...
Maleficent Mark my words... If I never join forces with another villain again... it will be too soon!
Maleficent There is only room for ONE Mistress of All Evil in this Kingdom...
Maleficent ...and all who challenge me, whether good OR evil, will pay the price!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent HahahaHAAAA! All cower before the Mistress of All Evil!!!
Maleficent This is only the beginning... I will return, and return again, until the Kingdom lies in ruins for all eternity!
Merlin There, there... If at first you don't succeed, continue to fight back against the forces of evil!
Merlin That's how I'VE always thought the saying should go, at any rate...
Merlin Regardless... this Kingdom's dreams are FAR stronger than any darkness! We'll defeat this Curse next time -- I'm certain of it!