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Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen ... Well, that was no help at all. Though, again: I do not know what else I expected.
Prince Naveen Mama Odie is lovely, but she has a habit of speaking in riddles. ... And very long anecdotes about snakes.
Prince Naveen But if she is telling me to figure things out myself... then who am I to say otherwise?
Prince Naveen Starting with figuring out where exactly Tiana is being kept prisoner, in... oh, about four thousand square miles of swampland.

A Prince, Afloat[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Prince Naveen
Level 5
Send Prince Naveen to search the Bayou himself.[1]
"Search the Bayou Himself"
4h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen (Phew...) All right! Make that... three thousand, nine hundred and ninety-EIGHT square miles of swampland to search.
Prince Naveen I can only row this rowboat so fast! Being a playboy-turned-ukulele-musician has not exactly prepared me for this.
Prince Naveen Also, I am pretty sure I've seen that cypress tree before! ... Twice.
Prince Naveen I'm glad Tiana is a patient woman, because this? It is going to take a while.