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Character Dialogue
Bagheera *yawn* ... Goodness, for some reason I'm quite tired. But where to rest my head...
Bagheera Hmm... There are plenty of trees, certainly, but I don't see one with the necessary requirements.
Bagheera Defensibility, access to sunlight, branches able to support one's weight...
Bagheera ... It's always that last one that's the problem. Oh well; it seems I'll be sleeping on the ground today...

A Panther's Repose[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Bagheera to take a nap.
"Take a Nap Where Possible"
60m Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Bagheera Hm. Not as uncomfortable as I'd thought. Still -- give me a good, sturdy banyan tree any day.
Bagheera It's all in what one's used to, I suppose.
Bagheera *yawn* Oh, it seems I could use just... a few... more minutes... *zzzzzzzzz* ...